Is BlueStacks Safe? Is It Still Trustable In 2022

Is BlueStacks Safe To Use

Bluestacks is an emulator that runs on the Android OS. You can run any android version you like on this emulator.

As it is the most popular emulator, users always have doubt that is Bluestacks a safe emulator? The answer to this question is yes, it is a safe application.

This emulator has been popular since gaming on mobile was not that common.

People used this emulator to do their long game tasks easily with the help of this emulator. It is since then been a famous application for all the latest games on android.

If you have any doubt that software contains any virus or why you should use this software, then you have come to the right place.

I will show you all the benefits of this emulator and why you should use it. I will show you how to install it safely and whether it contains any virus.

Is BlueStacks Safe For Your PC? Everything You Need to Know!

There are multiple ways that you can judge if the software is safe. One most common one is the frequency of updates for the application. The more updates a software gets, the safer the software will be.

I will also discuss all the features, performance, and security of this application in detail.

1- Does Bluestacks Slow Down Your Computer?

There are a lot of misconceptions about BlueStacks that it slows down your computer performance, but it’s not true.

It’s just an ordinary app that requires some more processing powers than regular apps. That’s all, it doesn’t slow down your computer in any case.

Most users find BlueStacks to hang a lot on their computer, that’s because you have less RAM or storage that is required by BlueStacks.

Sometimes it can slow down on its own, then you should check for updates as they release frequent updates to keep BlueStacks from slowing down.

image of bluestack showing 87% less cpu usage

Sometimes after closing BlueStacks, your resources are still used. You can close that by quitting the app from the taskbar, it will make sure no resources are being used and your computer feels normal again.

If it slows down your computer, you can try closing all apps, and then running the emulator will work fine.

image of task manager showing my memory usage of bluestack

There are proven test of this app that proves this emulator doesn’t cause any lag or takes up a lot of resources, so you should check if there are any other apps that are slowing down your system.

If you have a good system, then there shouldn’t be any problem this emulator will run smoothly.

2- Is Bluestacks Legit?

BlueStacks is one of the old and widely used emulators, but still, many users have this question that is BlueStacks legit? It is legit. That’s why it’s still running. This is an android emulator. As android is an open-sourced operating system, it can be run easily on this emulator.

Now, this emulator was popular since its launch, but it also hit popularity again after the release of PUBG Mobile, as most people started downloading BlueStacks to run PUBG mobile on their computer with this emulator.

Infographic of bluestack 5

There are no complaints from any user that it steals your data. It can’t steal as it’s a virtual machine that runs android, although you should create new accounts for BlueStacks, such as Google account, games account, and apps that you are going to use.

Using secondary accounts for all the apps removes the possibility of any data being stolen. You can enjoy all the apps of android without compromising your data. BlueStacks is a very popular android emulator. There is no chance it steals your data.

3- Performance & Security

Performance is the main reason this software is popular and faces criticism simultaneously. Some people say that this emulator runs smoothly without any problem on an average PC, while some say that it hangs and doesn’t work properly on a good computer.

The performance depends on your system; it hangs on a good system because you are running too many applications that are consuming RAM, and Bluestacks need RAM to run smoothly.

Vector of laptop running bluestack

This emulator can run smoothly on any computer as long as you configured it to the right settings that match your system.

There are different settings on this emulator. If your system is not good, you can lower the settings, it will lower the graphics, but the apps will run smoothly.

BlueStacks is a legit software that doesn’t collect your data in any way, it is a virtual machine, so it has no access to your data stored on the hard drive.

I would suggest you make a secondary account for all the apps and play store for the emulator to be on the safe side.

4- Benefits Of Using Bluestacks

There are multiple reasons that why you should use this emulator. I will list down a few that can change your mind about using this emulator.

Vector image of a person playing video games

Greater Game Controls
With this feature, you can control a game with multiple buttons at the same time, unlike on the mobile phone, you can touch one or two-button at a time. This feature can give you an upper hand in fighting games as it can increase your strike rate by a significant margin.

While on a mobile phone, you are limited to one app at a time or two on modern phones. But with BlueStacks, you can run up to 4 apps at the same time without interrupting one another.

A good mobile phone nowadays costs a lot, so the high graphic gaming is limited to people with good gaming phones, but with BlueStacks, you can enjoy high graphic gaming for free if you have a decent system.

Recording and other features
Using BlueStacks gives you the ability to record your gameplay on high settings without any lag on high fps. One more feature that is amazing is that you can record macros to perform gaming tasks more efficiently.

5- Is Bluestacks Spyware Or Malware?

BlueStacks is a legit application that contains no viruses. Most people have a misunderstanding of this app that it contains spyware that steals your data while running. It is an emulator that is designed to run the Android OS on a computer.

image of bluestack games dashboard

Several virus tests have been conducted on this emulator, but no one has ever detected any virus, it simply means that this emulator is safe, and you can trust this app on your system. It is the most secure emulator out there.

Some apps contain viruses that you download within the emulator, such as external apps, the apps you don’t download from the Google play store. Now BlueStacks is not responsible for any of those apps. Here’s a quick tip use only those apps you can download from Google Play Store.

6- Why The Latest BlueStacks Versions Are The Safest?

Updating is a crucial part of every application or operating system. You can figure out the quality of applications or operating system only by judging how frequently it gets updated.

The same is the case with Bluestacks. They release frequent updates to keep the user safe from any loopholes that are in this emulator.

image of check for update button of bluestack 5

I urge everyone to upgrade to their latest version of every application they have, not only Bluestacks. New versions play an important role as they eliminate bugs that are already in that software to make it more secure, that’s why you see on all patch notes they are always fixing bugs.

Having an old version of any application makes you at risk of being hacked, as there are bugs hackers can easily target and access your personal information without being noticed. BlueStacks receives frequent updates. You are always secure if you have the latest version.

7- Does BlueStacks Require A Beast PC To Run?

The only answer to that question is No! You don’t require any extraordinary specs to run this emulator.

image of white corsair gaming pc

It is a simple emulator that runs android smoothly on its minimum specs requirements. Most users have a misconception that this emulator only runs on beast PCs. It’s not true at all.

The specs of the system only depend on the quality of this application. The higher specs mean more quality and smooth the gameplay will feel.

But if you don’t have any good specs, you don’t have to worry about that. You can change the graphic settings to low, and you can enjoy the gameplay smoothly.

The only thing you should care about is RAM because Bluestacks consumes a lot of memory, so having a RAM of a minimum of 8 GB should assure you better gameplay, but if you don’t have that much RAM, it will work as fine if you lower the resolution and graphic settings.

8- Is BlueStacks Safe For Your Google Account?

Google account plays a crucial role in android as it is the main hub for everything all your data is being synced with the account, such as photos, contacts, game saves, etc… Using a Google account on Bluestacks is completely safe as it doesn’t modify or delete your data.

If you already have a Google account, you can sign in immediately, and all your data will be synced automatically. Your previous photos, game saves will all be back.

image of signing into google account in bluestack

There were some issues in the old Bluestacks version where you can’t log in to your previous account, but all of that is fixed on new versions.

Although it’s safe to use your previous Google account, I would recommend you should create a new one for this emulator. Creating a new account removes any possibility of your data being stolen.

A new account can be created within the emulator, or you can create one from the browser and log in with this account on BlueStacks later.

Virustotal Security Test of Bluestacks Setup File

Virustotal is a website that allows users to upload a file, and after uploading, Virustotal will scan that file for any potential virus, and it will give you the result in the end whether the file is safe or not.

It is not the only way to check for any viruses, but it can give you the surety that BlueStacks is safe.

After conducting the test on the BlueStacks setup file, the results came in with 0 potential viruses. It is great, as Virustotal says that this file is completely safe and doesn’t harm your computer in any way.

This is an effective method to detect any viruses, but the results show 0, then this file is safe to use. It just the misconception that people think this emulator is corrupt, but it is a safe emulator that you can trust your data with.

How To download & Install Bluestacks On Windows Safely?

Bluestacks installation is easy, but it can get tricky sometimes. Follow the instructions I have shown below, and you will have no problem with the installation.

  • Download BlueStacks setup from their official website. After downloading it, put it in a location that you can easily access.image of bluestack webpage
  • If you have antivirus software, run a quick scan on the file, if it’s safe, then you are good to go. If you don’t have antivirus software, then run the test on Virustotal.
  • After the necessary test have been done, launch the file with administrator privileges. You can do that by right-clicking that file and clicking Run as Administrator.Showing how to run Bluestack installer As Admin
  • After launching the file, a wizard will open with BlueStacks name on it.
  • You will see three options on that wizard Install now, customize the installation, and accept the software license.
  • If you want to install BlueStacks on a storage device other than default, then you can click customize the installation, where you can change the default storage device to your preferred drive.Showing how to install the bluestack software
  • After that, accept the software license and click on Install now.
  • Now, the BlueStacks will automatically install all the required files. You just have to wait. After installation is done, you will see an option called Launch Now. Click on that, and BlueStacks will run.image of playstore icon in bluetsack
  • After the emulator is launched, you will see an icon of Google Play Store. Click on that.
  • Login with your Google account if you already have one, or create a new one.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to set up your Google account. Once it’s done, congratulations, you have to install Bluestacks safely on your computer.

The Bottom Line

Bluestacks is a reliable and safest emulator. There is no doubt about that. All the virus tests came back with the result that this application doesn’t contain any viruses. The performance of this emulator is sometimes questionable as it lags for no reason, but other than that, it performs well.

All your data, including photos, contacts game saves, are synced with the Google account that you use with Bluestacks, and the Google account is also safe with them as it doesn’t collect any kind of data. Bluestack receives frequent updates to keep the users safe from any potential attack from hackers.

If you want, you can use your secondary Google account with this emulator. If in case any attack happens only the game data will be lost as all your data is stored in the primary. In conclusion, this is a reliable and great emulator that runs all the applications smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Can BlueStacks be trusted?

Ans: Yes, Bluestacks is a legit software that you can trust with your data. It doesn’t damage your data in any way. It’s just an emulator designed to run android applications and games on it. It is a safe emulator with 0 potential viruses.

Q2- Does BlueStacks harm your computer?

Ans: No, Bluestacks doesn’t harm your computer in any way, it has 0 viruses, and all the results came back as safe from different antiviruses and recognized virus detector websites. It’s just the misconception that is in the users, but in reality, it is the safest emulator in the market.

Q3- Is NOX better than BlueStacks?

Ans: Both are great emulators that run android applications and games flawlessly, and both are safe. Bluestacks is an old trusted emulator, whereas NOX is a new emulator. All the applications work smoothly on Bluestacks.

Q4- Do BlueStacks steal information?

Ans: No, Bluestacks does not steal your information in any way. All your data is secured within the emulator, your Google account is also safe, and Bluestacks doesn’t collect data in any way from these accounts. Bluestacks is the safest emulator.

Q5- How much RAM do I need for BlueStacks?

Ans: It requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM, but for ideal performance, a RAM of 8 or 4 GB would be preferable. As most of the system comes with a RAM of 4 GB so there shouldn’t be any problem running the emulator.

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