How To Become A Successful Youtuber For Real?

how to become a successful youtuber

YouTube is a great platform where you can watch or upload videos you like. YouTube can also be taken as a career if you are serious. You can make money the same or even more as daily 9-5 jobs while staying in your home or traveling or wherever you feel most comfortable working.

You can also become a YouTuber if you have decided to be one, you just need to select your niche and start working on it right away. Popularity and money will come only with time as long as you are patient. Getting recognized on YouTube takes time, but if you do, it will all be worth it.

Your content matters, you can get popular overnight if you make viral/trending topics, but that popularity is not sustainable, so my suggestion to you is to stick with a particular niche and work your way through it.

What Is A YouTuber?

Whenever a person uploads content on YouTube, he or she is automatically considered a YouTuber. Being a YouTuber is easy, but being good is difficult. It takes time to become a famous YouTuber, but the time can go fast if you love your niche and if you are determined to make regular content.

YouTube is not an overnight get rich scheme it will take time, so to become a successful YouTuber, make sure you are patient enough to see you grow over months or even years.

Yes, it takes time depending on your niche, if your content is on popular niches, you will grow faster, while you will grow slower if your content is on not-so-famous niches.

Why YouTube Is So Popular? The YouTube Community

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms, where you can watch or upload videos from anywhere in the world.

YouTube has been popular since its launch, and every major industry uploads its video on this platform. Now, most industries have shifted their advertisements campaigns to YouTube.

YouTube users and content creators are growing significantly because now YouTube can be seen as a career option if you have enough following.

It can make you more than 9-5 daily jobs if you work on your channel and if you get views in millions, which is common amongst famous Youtubers.

The main reason for its popularity is that anyone can start a channel no matter the age and start earning from its channel if it becomes eligible for the partner program.

But not only it will earn through ads, but sponsors also pay a large amount to feature their products in your videos.

In short, YouTube is a great platform for not only content creators but for viewers also, they can watch any video for free, they can learn new skills, they can understand their homework, listen to their favorite music, or watch a vlog of someone they love.

How To Become A Youtuber: Step-By-Step Guide!

As I have mentioned before that to become a successful Youtuber, you have to be patient, but it’s not only that.

There are numerous factors that you have to keep in mind while starting and growing your channel.

By keeping these factors in mind, your channel will grow rapidly, and you will start to earn from your videos soon.

1- Choose The Topic Of Your Channel

Your audience on YouTube mostly loves you for your work, so giving them content they love can gain you more followers and popularity quickly. There are different niches that people love and have high competition.

My suggestion to you is to pick a niche that you can give content regularly because only regular content will make your channel grow. Here are the most popular niches right now, but you can always go for other niches as long as it’s popular.

Gaming, this niche has been popular since YouTube started, and now game streaming is common among every YouTuber. This niche is extremely competitive, so choose this topic only if you are good at it.

Image of gaming headsets

DIY, most often, you have seen a video where a person is making furniture or any other stuff with wood, plastic, or anything without showing his/her face or voice.

It is a great niche for you if you love creating amazing things, and it is an extremely popular niche, plus the competition is not that high.

Image of DIY Things

Vlogging/Filmmaking, now this niche requires a lot of time, and it is based all on you, you can show the world your life, or you can impress people with your filmmaking skills. It is a great niche, and if your skills are really good, you will be popular in no time.

Image of Camera and Laptop on Table

2- Define Your Audience

Once you have selected your niche, it’s time to set some rules, such as you can’t upload any video that is not from the niche you’ve chosen.

It’s because the audience is following you for that particular niche, so uploading videos of another niche might offend some followers eventually they will stop watching you.

Image of a person writing on the book

The audience plays an important role throughout your career in YouTube as they are the main foundation of your channel, if you have interests in more than one niche, you can always create a second channel where you can gather followers that love the other niche.

Making your audience disappointed is the worst feeling as they will consistently criticize your work even if your work is amazing. So make your channel around the topic that you’ve chosen.

3- Follow Your Passion

Passion is the only thing that will keep you going in the long term, if you work on a topic that you don’t have interest you will eventually start hating it even if people are loving it.

If you have found the topic that you are passionate about, then you are good to go, choose that niche, and start working on it.

If you are passionate about a niche that doesn’t have a good audience, then I would suggest you go for it the audience will automatically come if your content is good.

But if you don’t know your passion, here’s a little thing you can try, imagine yourself rich and free from all the responsibilities, then what would you do in that free time, the thing you will do in your free time is your passion.

4- Becoming A Successful YouTuber Needs Time

You know what makes a Youtuber successful, patience along with its content. No YouTuber in the world became famous as soon as he uploaded a video.

It takes a long time for your audience to build up, so having patience is extremely important if you are choosing YouTube.

Building an audience takes time. Some people get recognized quickly than others it’s only because they are in a popular niche.

Don’t worry if you are not getting recognized in a difficult niche, keep working on your content, and eventually, you will have followers that love your content.

Remember, patience is the only key to becoming a successful YouTuber no matter what.

5- You Need To Be Original

Originality is a key aspect in making your content stand out, I have seen different people going into those topics they are not aware of and making awful content.

Making fake content will give you short-term popularity, but it will make your channel collapse in the long run.

Image of a person showing guitar

Being original gives you the satisfaction that you are not doing wrong with your audience, or misguiding them in the wrong direction.

Original content will stand out no matter what the topic is, keep making original content from your heart, and you will eventually succeed in your field.

6- Know Your Competition

Now, after you have selected your niche, it is extremely important to research your competitors. Competitors are those who are making videos in your niche, and they have a little more following than you.

Image of Dart Board

Competition is just to motivate you; it is called healthy competition. You don’t want to fight with these channels, but you have to learn from them, learn in a sense that notes their content schedule when they upload, what are their average video lengths, and all that stuff.

In short, these competitions are just to motivate you, don’t get disheartened if your channel is not growing at its pace, your channel will make its own pace within time, and you will grow as rapidly as your competitions.

7- Assess Your Equipment

After creating your channel, your next goal should be to make quality content you can achieve that if you have good equipment.

But keep in mind having good equipment is not necessary to make good content, it is good if you have one, but you can also make videos using a phone.

Image of two persons playing video games

Many Youtubers started with a phone and climbed their way up to expensive cameras, so if you don’t have the camera, don’t worry.

Use a phone with a good camera and buy a cheap microphone to improve your audio quality. After all your shooting is done, you will have to edit your video.

To edit your video, you will require software. There are plenty of free and good options out there that can edit your video flawlessly.

If your audio quality is not good and has background noise, you can use free software named Audacity to remove any unwanted noise and improve the audio quality. Now, after editing, you just have to upload it.

8- Build A Network (Other Social Media Networks)

Now once you have started uploading the content, it’s time for you to gather an audience, in the first stages of your channel, you will have to promote your videos to get followers.

Once you have established a base, then you can just upload it without sharing.

Image of a phone with laptop

Building a social media network opens your other sources of income, you can get popular on other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you are popular on those platforms, you can get sponsors for your different pages.

Building a social network is not that easy it requires more patience than YouTube, but it is worth it if you wait long enough.

9- Develop Personal Branding

Once your channel starts getting recognized, make sure to make a separate page of yours on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with your name.

Make those pages all on yourself about your daily life. Make those pages all about you.

What this will do is that you will get an extra audience for your channel as those people who like your daily stuff will also love your content plus, if you get more following, you can also be considered a celebrity.

If you have gained enough followers, you can even start your clothing brand by giving merch to your followers, or other business will approach you to promote their products.

10- Practice Good SEO

Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO, plays an as important role in YouTube as it does in Google. It helps your video rank at the top of the search page of that particular keyword.

A keyword can be created by you, to rank better you should use long-term keywords as there is less competition in them.

Image of infographic showing some text

You can learn SEO from YouTube as there many creators explaining it quite well. Once you master the SEO, your views will increase significantly, and if you plan on making videos about tutorials, then SEO will grow your channel in no time.

SEO mainly helps your videos to rank top at search bars, other than that, only your content matters if the content is good more users will watch it, but if it’s not, then there is no use of SEO as most people will leave your video in the first few seconds.

11- Optimize Your Channel & Videos

Optimizing is a great skill that secretly increases your views and followers without you even noticing.

Making your channel and videos user-friendly will attract more and more users, optimizing is easy, but doing on all the videos can be difficult, so make sure to optimize your channel even if you are not optimizing your videos.

You can optimize your channel by setting a good channel picture and banner, use colors that will attract users. Now you can use relevant tags for your channel that when people search those terms, your channel appears on top.

You can also use catchy thumbnails, not clickbait, but good ones. Use those that will stand out from other videos and force the user to click on your video. Thumbnails are the key to views; if you use this correctly, users will click on your video even if you are ranked low.

12- Keep Up To Date With Trends

Trends can help your channel grown 100x the current speed you have, but there are limitations in the trend.

Every day or every week, there is a new trend going on, making content on all those trends will get your channel nowhere.

To use the trends more efficiently, you will have to research that which trend matches your niche most and make a video about it, including all the main points.

A trending video can get you a ton of new followers that will surely watch all your next videos.

13- Promote Your Channel On Other Platforms

Promoting plays an extremely important role in building your audience. These audiences will be your first and will be attached to your videos for a long time.

To do that, you will have to make pages of your channel on different social media platforms.

Image of social media likes icons

Promoting there will give you an extra audience, and if your content is good, they will share them among their friends, which is quite easy on other platforms.

In this way, your channel and your social media pages will grow rapidly.

14- Be Consistent & Use The Right Tools

Once you have started making your content your next and your main goal should be consistency.

Consistency is everything in the YouTube world, you will not get recognized if you are making outstanding content, but uploading it once in 2-3 months will get you nowhere.

Image of social media statistics tracking sites

Consistency should be set by you, you can create your content strategy by researching your competitors and estimating how much time would you require to make a video.

After you have created that, follow your schedule, and your channel will grow rapidly.

You can use external tools to monitor your videos, such as how your video ranks in the search bar and what tags are missing.

Different free and paid tools offer their service, but my suggestion is to go with the free ones as your channel is not popular enough. It will tell you enough suggestions to make your channel better.

15- Write Down Your Future Channel’s Goals

Goals can be an extremely important reason to keep you motivated to make regular content. Everyone starting their channel should make goals that they wish to achieve in the coming future.

Image of a small notebook

Goals should be realistic. For example, my channel should get 1000 followers within one or two months.

Write your goals on a piece of paper and paste it where you can see that paper daily, what this will do is that it will keep you motivated if your channel isn’t performing well and will help you to bounce back and keep making awesome content.

16- Learn From Your Analytics

YouTube is an amazing platform there is no doubt about that, it offers a great feature for its content creators called analytics which can be useful if used correctly.

YouTube analytics is extremely advanced it can monitor all the audience that watches your videos and give you the results in statistics form.

It can help you make your videos better; you can see how much time an average user spends on your video if the minutes are higher, then it means your video is liked by users, but if people are leaving after few seconds of the video, then you will improve the intro section of your video.

These are the few things that can make your content stand out, it also shows which gender watches your video and where do they watch from, it can also help you to make content more specific.

17- Stay Positive

A channel takes a long time to establish. Many users can’t face this process, and they leave their channel as it is without uploading any more content. You don’t have to be disheartened. Your channel will take time, but once it starts growing, there is no stopping back.

stay positive infographic

A dark part of YouTube is the toxic users. They will always comment badly on your videos, even if you upload good content. You just have to be patient and ignore these comments, as they will only demotivate you.

18- Monetize Your Channel

Now, if you followed all the tips I have mentioned, then you should have met the criteria to monetize your channel.

It’s a great feeling when you apply for monetization, and the feeling is even greater if you see your first ad display on your video.

Monetization is a great achievement, but YouTube rejects more applicants than you can’t imagine, that’s only because they don’t follow YouTube policies of content.

Make sure to follow all the policies of the video, and you will get accepted as soon as you apply.

19- Become Popular

Once you have monetized your channel, your next goal should be to gain more followers. Now the followers will gain double your previous speed, and it will grow until you stop making content.

Once you have gained enough followers, you will be considered a popular YouTuber, and there is no stopping after that.

Keep making quality content even after that, and you can also be considered as the biggest Youtuber of all time. It is all possible only if you plan on doing it.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is now one of the biggest social media platforms and the great thing about that is you can earn from it without paying anything.

Becoming a YouTuber is not easy, but it’s not that hard too. You can become a successful YouTuber easily if you make good content.

Making content in the starting will feel hard, but you have to overcome that by consistently making videos consistently will give you the hang of making better content with each video.

You will eventually start improving while building your audience.

My only suggestion to you is to select a niche that you are passionate about, you will make content even if no one is watching, and that will give you more success.

Having patience is also important because, without that, you will not survive in this YouTube world.

Now don’t overthink about starting a channel. Just go on YouTube and start uploading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- How do you earn money as a YouTuber?

Ans: You can earn money from YouTube by joining their partner program once you are eligible. Advertisements will be shown on your video, which will generate money. You can also earn from sponsors that might approach you to promote their product in your video.

Q2- What is a YouTuber’s salary?

Ans: Every country has different ad rates, but we will take the example of the US. In the US, you get $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view, which is around $3-$5 for 1000 views, now you can calculate how many dollars they get for their views. They will earn according to the views they get. The sponsor’s money is not included in this estimate.

Q3- Is it free to become a YouTuber?

Ans: Yes, it’s completely free to open a YouTube channel. You can start your own YouTube channel by signing up on their website. But to earn from YouTube, you must be eligible for their partner program you can check the requirements while signing up for them.

Q4- Is it hard to become a YouTuber?

Ans: It’s not that hard if you create content that you are passionate about, the audience will build up eventually. But if you make content that you are not passionate about, it could get hard to see results as you will feel demotivated while there are no followers.

Q5- Who is the richest YouTuber?

Ans: The current richest YouTuber in the world is Ryan Kaji his channel name is Ryan’s World. His net worth is approximately $32 million, thus making him the richest YouTuber.

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