Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2022: PROs And CONs

Avast cleanup review

Avast antivirus is well-known for its great speed and protection against all types of viruses and malware, it also gives great web protection as well. But the features don’t end here. Avast has its premium cleanup, which is an outstanding software that maintains your system to the best performance possible all the time.

Avast cleanup premium is an amazing software that doesn’t clean your system junk, but it also suggests making your computer faster, such as deleting useless apps, clearing useless browser data, and to make the performance even better, it updates the registry to its peak performance.

Avast antivirus is a widely used antivirus, but most of the user doesn’t know about its cleanup, don’t worry I am here to explain to you all the features, positive & negatives, its android version, its Mac version and most important is it worth the price.

What Is Avast Cleanup?

Avast cleanup is software that keeps your computer performance at its peak and offers great features. It doesn’t come with the antivirus. You will have to purchase it separately. Cleanup premium is different from all the other software that is in the market because of its great features.

Main Menu of Avast Cleanup Premium

The main reason for its standing out is it lists down all the apps and problems that are affecting your performance, and it cleans them.

It detects a problem in the registries that are broken, old cookies that are affecting your browser performance, and it also has an option of automatic maintenance that maintains your computer performance from time to time.

Avast Cleanup performs all the necessary clean up, and it also recommends you the step to keep your system in a good performance. Avast Cleanup, combined with its antivirus, gives the best protection for your computer.

Avast Cleanup Premium Features

Avast cleanup offers different and useful features, such as sleep mode, shortcut cleaner, registry cleaner, browser cleaner, and much more useful features. Combined with all its modes, it gives the best performance in keeping your system clean and protected.

Now I will list down all the main modes and explain to them how they keep your system clean all the time.

Sleep Mode

Running unnecessary apps in the background takes an extensive amount of resources from your computer, and if your computer doesn’t have any expensive hardware, then your computer might get a little slower.

Image Sleep Mode Options in Avast

Avast sleep mode is a feature that displays all the app and what resources they are using while running and while they are in the background, so you can look at the unnecessary apps that are taking up your storage and computer performance, and you can put them to sleep once in for all.

Shortcut Cleaner

Every app you install always gives you the option to create a desktop shortcut, and many of us tick that because we want our apps to be easily accessible, but do you know that too many shortcuts take up a lot of space, thus making your system slower.

Avast Cleanup Broken Shortcut Option

Avast shortcut cleaner is a great feature that detects all the shortcuts that you don’t use or use less frequently and gives you the option to remove them. It will not show those shortcuts that are frequently used so that you can keep only those that are usable.

Disk Cleaner

We all want more storage space, right! But managing space is a lot harder as apps left traces of themselves even when they are uninstalled. Avast gives a feature that no other cleaner gives. It cleans all the traces of the uninstalled apps and removes all the junk files with it.

Image of Avast System Junk Clean Feature

Disk cleaner is the main feature in all the cleaners as most people buy to use the cleaner to free up more space on their computer. Avast has unique features of cleaning your disk and can free up space more than any other cleaner in the market.

Browser Cleaner

As important it is to clean the disk, it is also important to clean your browser as it saves a lot of data in the form of cookies and plugin files. Yes, they are useful till some point, but most browsers don’t clean old cookies and plugin files, and they can be in your system if you don’t frequently clean those files.

Browser cache cleaner of avast

Browser cleaner detects all the old plugins and cookies and gives you the option to clean these files. The most important feature is it doesn’t clean new cookies and plugin files, so you can use these features without the risk of deleting new cookies.

Automatic Maintenance

Avast gives you the option of automatic maintenance, as its names tell it automatically schedules scans for your computer. It is a great feature as most of us forget to regularly check our computer for junk and this feature helps does the same job in the background without disturbing your work.

Image of Automatic Maintenance Feature in Avast Cleaner

Automatic maintenance doesn’t just scan your computer, but it also cleans the unwanted file and junk automatically. It all depends on how you like the maintenance settings. You can customize the scheduling as per your needs.

Registry Cleaner

Whenever you install an application, not only it stores in your storage device, but it is also stored as registries in your windows.

Avast Cleaner Broken Registry Cleaner option

Windows maintain registries to time, and the more registries you get, the more slowly your system will perform, but how do you remove registries without deleting the important ones.

You don’t have to worry if you have Avast cleanup, as it scans for unnecessary registries that are taking space and removes them without removing the important ones. The registry cleaner is the main feature that boosts your system performance.

Bloatware Removal

Unnecessary software can get pretty annoying, and apps that are installed during another software installation are the worst. But this doesn’t end here. These apps are automatically set to your default preference.

Image of Bloatware Option

Bloatware removal detects all the software, toolbars, and ads, and it removes them from your system. So if there is expired software or useless toolbars, it will be taken care of by Avast Cleanup.

Usually, it is hard for you to locate these apps, toolbars but with Avast, you get to choose which apps you are going to keep and which you are going to remove.

Disk Defrag And Optimize

Disk defragment can be the main reason for a system’s slow performance, as disks defrag if not taken care of from time to time or if they have become old.

Image of Disk Defrag and Optimization

Defragment doesn’t do any magic, it only sorts files in a way that is easy to access, thus increasing the speed of the drive.

Avast disk defrag scans your drives and detects if it needs optimization, if it doesn’t, then you are good, but if it does, then don’t worry. Avast will optimize that disk drive in no time.

Disk Doctor

Storage devices don’t get that much error, but if not maintained properly, they can fail and cause all your data to be lost. One solution is to make a backup of your files, and the other solution is to maintain your drives properly.

Image of Disk Doctor Option

Disk Doctor scans and detect all the error and fixes them for you, it automatically scans your drives time to time, and as soon as there is an error, it will remove it and inform you about that error. Maintaining storage devices guarantees a longer lifetime for your drives.

Rescue Center

Assume that you delete an important file while cleaning your PC with Cleanup Premium, and suddenly you realize that your file is gone. Now, in that case, Rescue Center is a lifesaver as it gives you the option to rescue those files. Not only files but registries, shortcuts, and more items.

Image of Rescue Center Option

There shouldn’t be any reason left not to use this application. The fear of deleting an important file is also gone with a very useful mode Rescue Center.

The Positives & Negatives

  • It offers different modes that keep your system clean and give its best performance every time you boot it.
  • The UI of this cleanup is easy to use than any other cleanup software.
  • It offers more protection and performance as it clears out all the hidden files that take up your storage space.
  • Avast cleanup is extremely fast as it launches as soon as your system is booted.
  • It detects useless files that are taking your space as soon as possible, keeping your system safe all the time.
  • It offers automatic maintenance, so you don’t have to perform scans all the time, it will automatically do the work for you.
  • Avast is a reliable company, which means that your data will be safe with them.
  • Although it’s great software, everything good comes with its price. The price of its subscription is higher compared to other software’s.
  • It installs additional software such as browsers which can get annoying.

Avast Cleanup For Android

Avast offers its cleanup for android, and you can download it from the Google store completely free. It is a great software that provides excellent features for android free of cost, so you don’t need to spend a dime for keeping your phone protected.

Image of Avast Cleanup & Boost App in Android

The cleanup offers different features such as cleaning junk files, but not only that it will clear all unused files such as YouTube videos, songs from Spotify, and cache from browsers, it will give you the option to clean them or to keep them.

It also features a photo mode in which it scans all your photos, and it will detect duplicate and poor quality photos and will give you the option to clean them. It is a great software that optimizes your android phone to its peak performance.

Avast Cleanup For Mac

Avast cleanup is a popular cleaner not only for windows but for Mac as well. It has all the same features and mode that comes with the windows version, and a plus point for Mac users is that the subscription for Mac is slightly less compared to Windows users.

The same features such as cleanup of all the junk files, hidden files that are taking space, shortcuts cleaner, and all the important scans to keep your Mac safe and fast. It also comes with a feature that scans all your photos and detects duplicate ones, and deletes them from your system.

Mac is an extremely powerful system alone without any external software, so getting software that cleans the remaining junk from your system would make your system faster. In short, it is a great cleaner for Mac, and you should purchase this cleaner for your Mac.

Customer Service & Reputation

Customer service plays an important role as it decides that is the product was worth it or not. Customer service is essential as it can decide whether the customer will renew the subscription or not. Avast is a big brand. There is no doubt about that, that’s why it has great customer support.

The customer supports are 24/7 online and can assist you with any problem that occurs with this cleaner. The response time for customer support is extremely fast, as soon as you submit the report, a customer representative is assigned to you that can help you overcome the problem.

Avast reputation can be judged by how long the company is established. Avast is the leading antivirus provider, its software has great qualities, and they receive frequent updates to keep you safe all the time.

Is Avast Cleanup Safe?

Many users doubt the safety of their data as Avast scan through files, and it is a valid concern. Avast is a big name, so your data with them is completely safe. They don’t capture data from you. They just scan it to detect useless and junk files.

This concern is the main reason that some people fear using any antivirus, but keeping your data protected is important rather than using any antivirus. Antivirus and cleaners remove any viruses and junk files to keep you protected from hackers.

Now to sum it all up, your data is safe with Avast cleanup, and you don’t need to worry about anything. The data is more protected as it prevents you from being hacked.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth It?

Avast premium subscription comes with a good price, but is it worth all that money? The short answer to that is yes! There are different free options available then why would you go with a paid one, there are multiple reasons.

The features and different types of mode it offers are not available in any of the free software’s and the type of cleanup Avast do no free software is capable to do that. Plus main reason to buy this cleaner is to keep your system optimized and fast, this software does a great job doing that.

Not only it scans your system for faults, but it also recommends the software that might boost your performance even more. So the answer to this question is yes, the Avast Cleanup Premium is worth all the money.

The Bottom Line

I have covered all the important features that Avast gives. It also offers other modes, such as optimization of your system. I can guarantee you that you will see a significant change in your system performance after using Cleanup Premium.

Cleanup combined with Avast antivirus gives you the best performance and optimization while protecting your computer from virus threats. Not only it performs well with Avast antivirus, but it can perform as well as with any other antivirus.

Now I would suggest only to those who aren’t advanced with computers, as advanced users can perform these tasks by themselves. But this application is also useful for advanced users as it can save you a lot of time by automatically maintaining your system while you do your work.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t purchase this application, you can be relaxed that your system will always give its best with Avast Cleanup Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Which is better CCleaner or Avast?

Ans: Both are great software, but for me, Avast cleanup is the best. CCleaner is the best option for the free cleaner, but if you are looking for more advanced cleanup and performance, then you should consider purchasing the Avast cleanup.

Q2- Is Avast cleanup free?

Ans: No, it’s not free. It comes with a yearly subscription, which for me is fair as it offers great features and performance at a low price. Don’t get disappointed with the price. It is worth all the price, and you will not regret purchasing this.

Q3- Is Avast cleanup Android safe?

Ans: Yes, just as it’s safe for windows, it is safe for android as well. You don’t have to worry about your data being leaked as Avast is a big brand, and they have great protection for your precious data.

Q4- Can you trust Avast?

Ans: Yes, you can trust Avast with your data as they are a big company that keeps your data protected at any cost. Both of their antivirus and cleaner are safe and don’t collect any data.

Q5- What does Avast clean-up do?

Ans: Avast cleanup scans your system for all unnecessary files, junk, browser cache, and all the hidden files that are slowing down your computer and removes them from your system so that you can enjoy your computer with its peak performance.

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